Saturday, October 15, 2011

Creating a hidden folder in Windows Xp/Vista/7

Have you ever needed a folder on your desktop but hate looking at it?
Here's how to make a "Invisible" folder.
Step One - Making the folder name blank
Create a new folder on your desktop (or wherever you want it) right click the folder and hit rename
hit backspace to delete all the text while renaming it hold down alt and hit 2 5 5 on the right side of your keyboard(Not the numbers above your letters!) then click anywhere on the desktop. If you have a laptop you have to hold alt and the function key then hit the corresponding numbers on your letter keys. Your folder name should be blank if not try again.
Step Two - Making the icon clear
Now right click the folder hit properties go to customize then hit change icon scroll to the right until you see a blank icon click it then hit ok then ok again.
Your folder should be pretty much invisible :)

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