Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Edit The “NEW” Context Menu in Windows 7

Have you ever wanted to know how to edit Window 7's "NEW" context menu? I have looked every where

on the net and couldn't find anything about editing it without software, well i figured it out! :)This is very useful especially if your into writing scripts or programing.
Normally you have to open up notepad or what ever text editor you use and save the file with the file extension you want (.vbs .bat .js .cpp .reg ect..)
but with this registry tweak you can have all of them in your "NEW" context menu.
(NOTE: This only Works with text based file extensions like .vbs .bat .js .reg ect…)
(WARNING!!!: Editing the registry can be dangerous DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING YOU HAVE NOT CREATED YOURSELF!!

Ok lets get started!
1.Open Up the registry editor. (press start  and in search box type regedit.exe and hit enter)
2.Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and find the file extension you want. I will use .bat
3.Make a new sub key and call it "ShellNew"

4.Then make a new string value and name it "ItemName" and set the value to "@%SystemRoot%\\system32\\notepad.exe,-470″
5.Now make another string value and name it "NullFile" and leave the value blank.
When your done it should look like this now it should be in your "NEW" context menu.

To delete the ones you don't want just delete the "ShellNew" sub key under the file extention you wish to remove.
Well i hope you find this useful ive never see this on any other site i had to figure it out myself :)
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